Cornelis to Boucholts + Anje Gerrits Knapper

8 children
Aaltje to Boucholts
Birth: September 30, 1845Groningen
Death: February 18, 1857Groningen
Willem to Boucholts
Birth: September 14, 1847Groningen
Death: October 5, 1853Groningen
Johannes to Boucholts
Birth: January 31, 1850Groningen
Death: December 29, 1855Groningen
Johanna to Boucholts
Birth: January 14, 1852Groningen
Death: December 21, 1896Groningen
Renske to Boucholts
Birth: January 31, 1854Groningen
Death: February 5, 1884Groningen

Parents Grandparents
Geertje Bootsema
Birth: before March 16, 1777Noordijk
Baptism: March 16, 1777Noordijk
Death: December 4, 1826Groningen

Family group information
Marriage May 21, 1843
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